Home Staging: Transform Spaces, Attract Buyers!

Home staging isn’t just a design buzzword; it’s the key to unlocking the full potential of a property for selling or renting success. Eye-catching décor and functional layouts create emotional connections, faster sales, and even better prices – and where interior design meets marketing finesse!

I recently completed a home dressing and staging project in Salisbury with Lou Fletcher, the owner of Piccolo Property. As a sales and lettings agent, Lou knows the value of home staging as the key to a fast and successful sale – perhaps more than anyone! And for me, as an interior designer, I get to create the visual appeal for potential buyers and let them envision their dream home in my design – what’s not to love!

That’s why we are collaborating on this article to let you know some of the most frequently asked questions we both get when it comes to home staging. Hopefully, we can convince you to invest in home staging if you are thinking of selling your home, or even an ex-rental property, in the near future.

Elaine and Lou © Barbara Leatham Photography

Why should you dress a home to sell?

ED: Staging is so important before putting your property on the market – after all, you want to show off all its best features! Have you ever noticed how some places just feel like ‘home’ from the moment you step in? Staging sparks an emotional connection with potential buyers, making it easy for them to imagine themselves cosying up in their dream home. Home staging should allow them to picture their future in the space, not just take what is on display at face value. Plus, that emotional connection often seals the deal faster, too!

LF: For us in estate agency, time is money when trying to sell a property. The longer the property lingers on the market, the greater the chance of a price drop. By investing in home staging, it speeds up the process by making your property stand out amongst the sea of listings. Say hello to a quicker transaction!


Are professional photographs worth the money?

ED:  Having your property professionally staged not only makes it look more fabulous in person, but it also means more eye-catching photographs to put online. A house can look very different through a lens, so it is about capturing the same feeling it gives off when you walk through the door. Good photography will help portray the desired lifestyle that gets the potential buyer to step foot in the door, which is vital when it comes to selling or renting your property, especially in such a crowded market. Staging helps draw potential buyers in like a magnet!

LF: People absolutely love looking at photos of beautiful homes; in fact, scrolling through homes on Rightmove is almost a national pastime! As a sales and lettings agent, I cannot stress how true it is that beautiful homes sell and rent the fastest – and for the highest prices.

Lou © Barbara Leatham Photography

Surely buyers have come to see the house and not what’s in it?

ED: This goes back to that emotional connection – people don’t want to walk into a property and see an entirely blank canvas with no personality, soul, or passion. That can be very daunting to potential buyers, so staging the property is a good way to show off its unique personality. Of course, it is also important that a property is not cluttered and too full of your own personality, so much so that the potential buyer can’t see themselves living there. It’s about achieving that perfect balance – not too much, not too little. Plus, it’s a great way to start all that packing!

When I dress a property, I love to accessorise with all the things that make a home feel “lived in”, such as rugs, throws, and cushions. Plants and flowers are also a great go-to option, as not only do they increase the visual appeal of the property, but they make the place smell fresh. Plus, staging can also be a way of helping potential buyers with ideas for what they might want to do if they purchase it, which could influence them into making the sale.

LF: Presenting a blank canvas to new families may seem logical, but sterile spaces aren’t appealing, and living in a shell until the house is sold leaves everyone a little cold. There needs to be a balance – and home staging is the perfect way to achieve that. Taking people to properties where the home has been beautifully staged makes for a more successful and pleasant viewing experience, no doubt! Buyers are looking at the space, the light and the potential, and good home staging is all about drawing attention to all these aspects.

Elaine © Barbara Leatham Photography

What if I don’t have a big budget and I am reluctant to spend money on a house I want to sell?

LF: Even if you want to sell up and move on to bigger and better as soon as possible, it cannot be downplayed how beneficial home staging can be to getting a better sale price. Home staging is an investment, after all! The chances of it leading to a quicker sale, and at the best price, can offset the initial expense.

One of the areas where home staging can be incredibly useful is when a landlord is trying to sell an ex-rental property. Empty properties can be a bit sad and soulless, and adding a few carefully selected items of furniture and accessorising the main rooms can make all the difference. Staging an ex-rental property even for a short period will add enough value to the sale price, so that you see that investment back.

ED: What is important to know is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even basic staging can increase a property’s appeal, such as rearranging some existing furniture and décor, cleaning and decluttering the property, and making sure to maximise your “kerb appeal” by ensuring the exterior of the property is in tip-top shape as well. Overall, a well-staged home appears more luxurious and move-in ready, leading to a higher perceived value in the eyes of potential buyers. The perception of luxury, comfort and move-in readiness instils confidence in those viewing your property, making them more willing to invest at a premium price – which is a bonus for you!

So, while your budget should absolutely be a concern, the pay-off could be huge!

© Barbara Leatham Photography

Home Staging: Transform Spaces, Attract Buyers!

We hope this has been helpful for those of you who are considering investing in home staging before putting your property on the market. As you can see, staging your property can be an absolute game-changer – so make it non-negotiable when putting your property on the market.

Get ready to make waves in the market – one perfectly staged property at a time!

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