Don’t throw out the old and replace with the new!

Have you thought about mixing décor from different eras to create a lifestyle theme that blends the comfort of treasured air looms, full of memories, with a splash of pieces utilised in today’s modern lifestyle?

Edwardian is one of my favourite eras. At the turn of the century there was a huge transition from the heavy dark patterns of the Victorian style to the more sophisticated Edwardian décor. Houses were built with higher ceilings and large sash windows creating a sense of space and light giving a simple yet elegant feel.

Much of the Edwardian décor was inspired by nature. Which can be seen in much of the work of one of my favourite designers Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Mackintosh was not only a gifted architect but an innovative artist and examples of his pencil and watercolour paintings of flowers were used by many textile designers and can still be found today in many homes.




Recreating this mix of vintage and modern doesn’t need to be expensive as many items can be found in antique markets and car boot sales, giving a room a personality as well as a purpose.

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