Does your workspace inspire you?

Have you been working from home? Many people have been forced to work from kitchen tables, bedrooms and even under the stairs over the past couple of months as they do their best to keep businesses going during this pandemic.

Going forward many of us will continue to work from home as businesses take advantage of the lower running costs, but how practical is this new way of working? Is it time to create your own personalised workspace? A place where you will feel inspired and comfortable, as well as a place that is suitable for the long term.

I have worked with a number of clients to create the perfect spot for them and their creativity. A place that they can enjoy and be productive.

No matter the size of your home A Box of Tricks Interiors can find ways to adapt your existing lifestyle and space to create a workspace just for you. Take a look at some of our recent projects.


This desk is placed in the entrance hall to a new home.


Not only is it a practical use of the space but elegant too.


Fort gardens Plymouth




A blank wall is very uninspiring. If you are unable to place your work station at a nearby window, add your favourite picture or mirror to help you feel creative.


Waters Edge Exmouth





A spare room can always double up as your study if you have space available.


Fort Gardens Plymouth






Halls and landings are often seen as dead space. A revamp of your landing can not only turn it into an area for working but also a place of beauty and style.


Poundbury Dorset




If you are staring at a blank wall or sitting at the kitchen table, why not take a walk around your home. Where would be a nice spot to sit? We are happy to help come up with ideas to help you transform a corner of your home into a welcoming place to work.  

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