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A wonderful part of my job involves helping clients in the hospitality sector design, build and create stunning spaces for their businesses. Recently I have been in touch with Arron, the Managing Director at Peartree Serviced Apartments in Salisbury, who was hoping to develop a new concept for the entrance and reception area of their gorgeous, luxury apartments.

Consultation is an integral part in the interior design process, as it’s important that the client’s dreams and objectives are fully realised by the end of the project. I ask my clients: What inspires you? What style reflects your business? How can I help you achieve your vision?

Bold colours and statement pieces were Arron’s vision for this area as it was important that these spaces were attractive and eye-catching for visitors, especially as they are the first places customers would see. Once ideas had been collated, I presented a mood board.


Mood boards are very important for building the client’s vision. They help narrow down a lot of ideas and focus the direction of the project. I created this mood board after my consultation with Arron to consolidate of all our collaborative ideas, concepts and inspirations.



3D images are also an integral part of the process as they allow the client to see a visual representation of what their vision looks like, giving greater clarity to the ideas conceptualised in the client’s mind. Take a look at these 3D images of the reception area I created.


My objective is always to help bring interior dreams to life so that clients can achieve their hopes and dreams for their spaces. Arron’s vision of bold colours and statement pieces was fully realised with their gorgeous new reception area.


It’s wonderful to see a fully developed, finished project at the end, and I am delighted that I was able to offer ideas and suggestions in the design process for this striking reception. It was a pleasure to help Peartree Serviced Apartments breathe life, mood and personality into this wonderful space.



“Elaine really helped us visualise how the space could look, and enabled us to make bolder choices. She also took the concept we liked and went and found some lovely, yet affordable pieces that complimented the overall look. We are thrilled with how our new reception worked out, and couldn’t have achieved this without Elaine’s guidance.”

Arron Howle, Peartree Serviced Apartments


Are you a boutique hotel or Airbnb owner looking to create a new, comfortable environment for your guests to relax in? Feel free to contact me on to arrange a consultation.



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