Blending your Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

In the months since the pandemic started, we’ve all been spending so much time indoors, yet research shows we have a general happiness and wellbeing from contact with nature. All those months spent at home may have you yearning for some changes to your living situation, so why not merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces?

Having a space or room that’s connected to the garden is great for lifting our spirits and improving our mental health. Here are some examples of how you can achieve this.



As we have rolled into August, and the warm weather continues, an outdoor dining area could be a great way to connect with your loved ones in a peaceful environment.








A sunroom or garden room is a traditional way of connecting your home with your garden, which can be a more relaxing environment for those working at home who are tired of working at a desk.





Installing the ever-popular bi-fold or sliding doors is also a very effective method for letting the outside flow in on warm days and helping to enhance your transitional space.






I can help you design your perfect indoor-outdoor space, so you can enjoy the merging of both worlds within the comfort of your own home.


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