Trends to breathe life back into your home after lockdown!

We’ve all spent plenty of time in our homes since March 2020, which is why it’s perhaps unsurprising that the UK homeware market is one of the only industries that hasn’t suffered huge losses!

New research conducted by retailer Heal’s reveals that 32% of homeowners have reportedly splurged on redecorating – perhaps turning their spare rooms into home offices due to increased working from home, or even just giving certain rooms a fresh, new look after growing tired of looking at the same décor all year – whilst 22% are focusing on their outdoor spaces to get ready for what will hopefully be a warm and sunny summer.

We’re all craving a bit of change at the moment from the monotony of the lockdown, so with the roadmap to re-open the homeware and DIY shops on April 12th given the green light to go ahead, take a look at these lockdown interior design trends to breathe life back into your living space this April!


Living room with a neutral colour palette, throws, cushions and a big fireplace

Neutral colour palettes

Comfort and tranquillity are feelings we’ve been yearning for this past year, so it’s no surprise that neutral colours are a key attraction in a post-lockdown world. Keeping your backdrop neutral will not only provide a calming atmosphere, but will also provide a great contrast to bold, statement accessories!

We’re also seeing an increase in shades inspired by nature, such as sage green and earthy terracotta, which is perfect for spring and summer and adds a bit of colour to your neutral spaces!

Photo credit: One Kings Lane


Bathroom with freestanding white bath with grey cabinets, a big mirror and various bathroom accessories

Home spas

The bathroom has long been a sanctuary for people to escape to after a long day, with a relaxing bath or shower being the perfect tonic to soothe all your worries.

Whilst a full-blown luxury spa in our homes would be the ultimate dream, adding a steam function to a shower – or opting for a large, luxurious bathtub in place of a shower altogether – can transform your bathroom into a haven of peace and relaxation!

Photo credit: Day True


Small office space with a white chair, room divider with pegs, small wooden bench and plant

Room dividers

Room divider sales have practically doubled in the past year, and after many months of living in close quarters with our families it’s no surprise that we may be seeking a little bit of space and privacy – no matter how much we love them!

Dividers are great for separating areas in an easy and affordable way, and are particularly ideal for small spaces. They don’t have to break the bank either, as many homeware stores are currently getting in on the trend with a variety of styles and materials!

Photo credit: Kreis Design


Blue and pink velvet office chairs with a white desk in the background

Office chairs

Whilst many are returning to workplaces and offices in the coming weeks, for a lot of businesses working from home may become the new normal. Unsurprisingly, searches for ‘office chairs’ nearly doubled in the past year, so we expect to see plenty of new chairs offering both style and comfort this year.

If buying a new chair isn’t practical for you right now, why not try disguising an unsightly office chair with a colourful throw or blanket? Don’t forget cushions, either!

Photo credit: Anthropologie


I hope these trends have given you some food for thought! If you need help building the perfect home you’ve been dreaming about for a year, please feel free to contact me at


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