Deck your halls in time for the holidays!

It’s been a tough year and a half for the hospitality industry. Thankfully, things finally seem to be on the up again as people are regaining the confidence to book staycations, which is great news for boutique hotels and Airbnb owners!

As we enter the final quarter of 2021, no doubt people are going to be seeking a bit of luxury and sparkle as we close off the year.

Whether you’re looking to attract guests to book a weekend away, or wanting to spruce up your interiors in time for all those Christmas and New Year’s parties we’ll hopefully get to see this year, here are some great ways to add some glitz and glamour to your hotel interior this holiday season!


Reception of Peartree Serviced Apartments in Salisbury, with white front desk, green walls, statement lighting and modern accessories

Making An Impression

What is the first thing your guests see when they walk into your hotel… the reception/lobby! It’s vital that you make a great first impression, as the décor that guests see when they first walk in sets the tone for the entire stay.

The appearance and arrangement of your reception area tells the guest what they can expect from their visit. Ask yourself what you want your décor to say to your guests when they walk in: Comfort? Luxury? Relaxation?

You can’t make a first impression twice, so make sure it counts the first time!

Image: Reception area, Peartree Serviced Apartments (own work)


Dining In Style

The dining and bar areas are the heart and soul of many hotels, as it’s the place where guests go to relax and enjoy themselves. Here are a few things to consider when designing your dining and bar areas:

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⭐ The layout of the room  This is one of the most vital aspects of your design, as your guests’ dining/bar experience hinges on how the room is laid out. Is the bar easily accessible for people to get a drink? Is there sufficient seating in both the bar and dining room? Can servers comfortably navigate the room? It’s also important for the atmosphere to make sure these areas aren’t cramped or overcrowded.

⭐ The décor  How the dining room and bar in your hotel are decorated makes a big impression on your guests – just as much as the food, drink and service! Consider all aspects of the décor – from the colour of the walls, the shape of the tables, the comfiness of the chairs or stools, even the crockery and cutlery… it all makes a statement!

⭐ The atmosphere  The atmosphere in your dining/bar areas depends on how well you have considered the layout and décor. From the lighting, to the music, and even the service – the atmosphere in these areas is what will make guests relax and enjoy the experience. Make them feel welcome and wanted, and they’ll be sure to come back!


Prepping for Party Season

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Autumn may have only just begun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t not think ahead to winter and the holiday season – especially for a hotel.

With the hotel sector in mind as we head towards the party season, here are a few tips to help your hotel stand out as a Christmas or New Year party venue!

⭐ Decorate, decorate, decorate! Go all out with lights, streamers, balloons, etc. People are looking for a bit of glitz and glamour after missing out on parties last holiday season, so don’t hold back!

⭐ Bring the indoors out! If you have outdoor seating available, use it! Bring the indoors outside by designing the perfect outdoor haven for guests to enjoy – even in the colder months.

⭐ Package up an offer! What do hotels have that other venues don’t? Accommodation and on-site parking! This is extremely desirable for people looking for party venues, as it means they don’t have to worry about public transport and getting home. Plus, it promotes other aspects of your hotel – such as the rooms and dining areas – for repeat bookings.

Help yourself by helping others have a fabulous night this Christmas and New Year!


If you want to revitalise your hotel interior and create stunning, unique spaces that guests will want to return to again and again, contact me at for a consultation.

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