Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The start of a new year is always a popular time for people to refresh and reinvent their living spaces (and often the time when an interior designer’s phone is ringing off the hook!) Many spent 2021 gradually picking themselves back up after the rollercoaster of 2020 and realised there is no time like the present to create the dream home they always wished for, but never got around to making happen.

That’s why the trends for 2022 are definitely leaning towards making our living spaces more unique, comfortable, and sustainable – as if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to live in a house that makes you happy. From textured furniture, renovated WFH spaces, and promoting sustainable purchases and designs, 2022 is all about reclaiming that ‘Wow!’ factor in your home and turning it into a sanctuary you love!

So, without further ado, here are some of the top interior design trends I’m most excited for this year!


Shades of Green

A connection with nature is something we’ve all been striving for the past two years, particularly during those months when we couldn’t leave our homes except for essentials (or to sit in a garden space). It’s no surprise, then, that shades of green are becoming increasingly popular colour palettes to decorate the inside of our homes with, as a way of bringing the outside in.

Green interiors evoke thoughts and feelings of balance, growth, rejuvenation, and restoration, which is perfect as we head into a new year. Feel connected to nature by incorporating this peaceful colour into your home, either with furniture, accessories, or house plants.


Home Offices: Here to Stay

Once a temporary necessity to combat the pandemic, now working from home is a trend that is here to stay! No more working at the kitchen table or on the sofa (no matter how comfortable that is!) – 2022 is the year that we prioritise dedicated WFH areas for maximising productivity, motivation, and creativity.

Just because a home office needs to be functional and practical, it doesn’t mean it still can’t be beautiful! Think about using a colour palette that is calming, as well as a layout that’s not too busy, as these two things will aid concentration and boost productivity. Good lighting and effective storage are also a must!

The most important thing is that your workspace inspires you. What works for other people may not work for you, and vice versa, which makes your home office one of the most unique spaces in your home.  


It’s All About Textures!

Gone are the days of smooth, level panels on furniture such as desks, sideboards, and cabinets – this year we’re embracing ridges! As they have done for the past few years, textured furniture will continue to dominate in 2022 –adding a unique look to your living space that moves beyond the typical flat surface furniture we are so used to seeing.

Textured fabrics will also continue to be big in the new year as we seek to maximise comfort and cosiness in our homes. Fabrics that are soft and comforting, yet still use materials that are practical and easy to clean, will be especially popular. “Velvets, sherpa, and boucles are the ‘it’ fabrics for 2022”, according to designer Julia Longchamps, as not only do they feel amazing, but they add chicness and luxury, too.

From throws, pillows, rugs, and even furniture – embrace those textures in 2022!


Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic dominating the news right now – and for good reason. Every industry should be doing all they can to use responsibly sourced materials, and naturally that includes the interior design world.

We’re expecting to see responsibly sourced materials everywhere – not only in our furniture and lighting, but also in the way we actually design our interior spaces. There will also likely be a big drive towards incorporating pre-used homeware too, as people make the effort to buy second-hand furniture with reclaimed woods, recycled glass, and other repurposed materials.

Not only does this benefit the planet, but it absolutely benefits the homeowner as well – particularly when it comes to wellbeing. As such, one sustainable trend I love is ‘Eco Chic’, which blends mood-boosting colours, natural materials, sustainable design solutions, and unique accessories and details inspired by nature for a modern and luxurious, yet peaceful and comforting, interior.

Make nature and natural resources part of your design and décor in 2022!


Create A Mindful Home and DIY!

Keeping in line with promoting sustainability, we’re also expecting to see a surge in homeowners incorporating DIY projects into their homes as a way to reduce waste and costs, boost happiness and wellbeing, and create a more mindful and sustainable home.

That doesn’t mean you have to suddenly go out and learn carpentry or sewing; even beginner DIY-ers can do something in their homes to make them more mindful, such as small customisations or alterations. The most important thing is that you did it yourself!

That’s why I love the ‘Folksy’ design trend, as it’s so easy to achieve. Anything goes in a ‘folksy’ home, and you are free to mix and match fabrics, patterns, and styles to your heart’s content. Plus, as this trend celebrates handcrafted pieces, it’s the perfect trend to let your creativity shine and incorporate all those handmade items from hobbies you may have taken up in lockdown – such as paintings to hang around your home, cushions or throws you may have knit or crotchet, or even furniture you may have built – into your homes and gardens!


So, there you have it – these are just a few of the interior design trends that I’m excited to see pop up in homes this 2022. There’s no time like the present, so make 2022 the year you create your dream home! Contact me if you’d like my help creating your dream home.

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