How to Make a Small Space Look Fabulous!

‘How can I make a small room look bigger?’ is one of the most common questions to hear as an interior designer, and one I’ve personally heard many times. Decorating small spaces can sometimes feel overwhelming, as they do require a bit more thought and planning to find the right solution to maximise space in the room.

However, don’t panic! From using mirrors to create the illusion of space to investing in room dividers and storage units, with some creativity and inspiration you can maximise every inch of a small space and turn it into a haven!

Here are a few of my tricks to achieve the impossible in a small room.


Declutter your life

Most interior designers will tell you that one of the simplest ways to create more space is to just get rid of clutter. However, whilst I do agree to an extent, I don’t believe that means you have to be minimalistic in your approach. In fact, decorating a small room is where your creativity can shine with your storage solutions!

Woman putting a basket of clothes on shelves. There are clothes on all the shelves.In general, it’s advised that you keep small spaces tidy and organised with a variety of storage solutions – such as sideboards, bookshelves, or coffee tables, depending on the space available – as this means your room will instantly feel more orderly and open. However, these units are also multi-purpose, and they can be a canvas on which you can tell the story of you. For example, if you have the space for a bookshelf, why not add in a few other meaningful objects alongside your collection of books – such as photographs or a special memento – to give your bookshelf an even more personal feel? Similarly, use the top of a coffee table or sideboard to add decorative ornaments and trinkets to make the space look unique and personal.

Just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean it has to be simple!


Paint it light

Two wooden bedside tables, one with a plant on it with a white vase. The walls and floor are painted white.All-white walls are a classic, and for good reason – lighter colour walls reflect light and make the walls recede, helping to make a small space feel bigger and brighter. However, if crisp white is not your thing, pale greys, creams and beiges are great colour palettes to go for when looking for a more spacious feeling. Pairing neutral colour walls with similar-coloured furniture is also a simple way to create the illusion of an open, yet unified space.

Colour saturation also works well here with painting the walls, woodwork and even the ceiling in the same colour. It’s also recommended that you stick with one shade on the walls, but if you do want a bit of variety in the room’s colours, why not paint the skirting and door trim a different colour to make those areas pop?

Neutral never goes out of style!


Mirror, mirror on the wall

A large mirror is on a white-painted wall. There is a desk with a yellow top with a house plant, a notepad and pen, and an alarm clock on it. There is a silver lamp coming in from the left-hand side.Mirrors are not just tools to help you get ready in the morning – they are so much more! They are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to your interiors; making a statement alongside wall art and decorations, or helping make a space feel bigger and brighter. That’s why I love to use mirrors as a focal point in small rooms, as this helps immensely when it comes to creating the illusion of space.

The best kind of mirror for making a room look bigger is a large one with a smaller frame – or frameless, even. Yes, a beautiful, ornate mirror frame can make a great statement piece, but when it comes to decorating in a small room it can actually hinder the goal of making the room feel bigger. In this case, less is more! Two of my favourite places to hang or place an oversized mirror are near or opposite a window, as this allows it to reflect the outdoors and let the natural light bounce around the room, or behind furniture – particularly a bed or sofa – as this broadens the feel of the room and is also a great decorative piece.

Let mirrors do the work for you!


A room divided

Did you know that room divider sales have practically doubled in the past two years? After many months of living in close quarters with our families during the lockdowns, it’s no surprise that we may be seeking a little bit of space and privacy – no matter how much we love them!

A room divider with a beige plant. The walls are painted white.Dividers are great for separating areas in an easy and affordable way, and they can instantly turn a small, open room into multi-use spaces with multiple functions. As such, they are particularly ideal for small spaces as not only do they break up the space, but they also double as décor! They don’t have to break the bank either, as many homeware stores are currently getting in on the trend with a variety of styles and materials.

However, if you don’t want to use an actual folding room divider, you can create the same effect with curtains, a floor-to-ceiling wall hanging, or maybe even a small unit or bookshelf if you do have a little more space to play with. Whatever you choose to divide your small room, using a divider can undoubtedly change the layout of a room; allow you to incorporate some extra storage space, and really just create a change of scenery.

Create a room within your room with room dividers!


Make your small spaces look fabulous!

I hope these tips for decorating small spaces has given you some inspiration for turning a small space into a haven. Most of all, don’t be intimidated – let your creativity shine!

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