Spruce Up to Sell or Rent

Prospective buyers form an opinion in the first few moments of stepping in the front door of your property, so making a good first impression is essential to making a sale!

You will want to highlight the most attractive and eye-catching aspects of the property to encourage them to sign on the dotted line, but functionality is also important. After all, you want the viewer to be able to see themselves living there for the long haul!

This is where home staging comes in! Are you a landlord looking to spruce up your rental portfolio? Or perhaps someone hoping to sell up and move away? When it comes to preparing for a sale, it’s all about creating a lifestyle that works for both purchasers and renters!

Whether you are selling your home or looking to rent out a property, people are seeking luxury accommodation. Here are a few of my styling tips to ensure you make that sale!


Clean and Declutter

A clean and tidy home shows viewers that you’ve taken good care of the property. Plus, it’s easier for people to envision living in a property if they can easily see the gorgeous living space you are offering them!

Clean every inch of the property, such as kitchen appliances, sinks and worktops, and make sure that there is no mess or clutter. Your goal is to make everything seem new. When it comes to decluttering, box up the things you don’t use on a day-to-day basis – or better yet, get rid of them! – to make the property feel spacious and organised.

Leave a little bit of personality, though. An entirely blank canvas can be daunting to potential buyers, so helping them out with ideas could influence them into making a sale.


Rooms with Purpose

Make sure each room has a purpose. If you have a “junk room”, make it into an office or spare bedroom. Had a loft conversion? Turn it into a games room!

Viewers will be interested in seeing how they can maximise space, so even if they decide to change the room’s purpose when they buy or rent it out, at least you have shown them that it’s possible.

That includes alcoves, window seats and niches.


Maximise Your “Kerb Appeal” 

The exterior of the property is the first thing viewers will see – so you better make sure it makes a good impression! Here are the most important features to increase your property’s kerb appeal:

  • Well-maintained windows
  • Roof in good condition
  • Tidy front garden
  • Appealing door colour 
  • Clear gutters and paths
  • Well-lit pathway 


Make sure to give the door a fresh lick of paint in an appealing colour, and also the windows if they are looking a bit drab. Remove leaves and weeds from gutters and paths, and purchase a new doormat to welcome visitors.

Why not invest in a pair of potted plants to place on either side of your front door? Hanging baskets are also an eye-catching idea, particularly in spring and summer! To ensure your property is well-lit, I recommend solar ground lights lining the pathway or fairy lights in shrubs or trees for a magical look.


Finishing Touches

Make sure each room presents well and its purpose is clear.

Take advantage of your home’s natural light by opening all curtains and blinds, to make the rooms feel brighter and more inviting.

Accessorise with all the things that make a home feel “lived in”, such as rugs, throws and cushions. Plants and flowers also not only increase the visual appeal of your home, but they make the place smell fresh!


Spruce Up to Make a Sale!

Your goal is to stage your home to emphasise its best features while ensuring that the property still looks functional. By appealing to the widest possible range of buyers or renters, you are sure to reap the rewards of styling your home before opening it up to viewers!

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